Brain Research Center at National Tsing Hua University


The human brain is the most complex tissue in our body, using 80% of the body's energy to process our daily work. MRI, FMRI and EEG give us the opportunity to glimpse the mystery of the structure and activity in the brain.

But MRI can give us a wide range of understanding of the gray matter, white matter and other structures of the brain. Just like a google map with a ruler only to the city, it is not enough for us to understand the detail story in every lane and doorplate in the city.

We hope to create the first cell-level human brain map in Taiwan and become the first team in the world that can apply super-resolution microscopes to the organization of the whole human brain.



Specific Aims
  • 大組織切片與層光系統架設
  • 大組織染色方法
  • 組織切片與影像擷取系統整合
  • 大組織影像拼接
  • 神經網路重組與分析
Human Brain Connectome
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